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The Answer 'Sundowners' Signed Picture Disk Vinyl LP & Digital Download

The Answer 'Sundowners' Signed Picture Disk Vinyl LP & Digital Download

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After a seven-year hiatus, The Answer are back and set to make their long awaited and highly anticipated return with a new album that captures the soul of a band, intent on not just reigniting their trademark rock ‘n’ roll spark but burning more brightly than ever before. These four Irish rockers have regrouped and thrown themselves into the creation of album that harnesses a unique energy and relentless passion for rock music.

Signed LP containing a Limited Edition Picture Disk Vinyl pressing of the album and a Digital Download, including an instant download of the single Blood Brother and an 18 page Digital Art book!

Track Listing

Side A
1. Sundowners
2. Blood Brother
3. California Rust
4. Want You To Love Me
5. Oh Cherry
6. No Salvation

Side B
7. Cold Heart
8. All Together
9. Get On Back
10. Livin’ On The Line
11. Always Alright

Due to manufacturing processes the finished product maybe slightly different to image shown

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